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Sammy Ang

Being a non-stock non-profit organization, the Philippine Glaucoma Foundation (PGF) finds itself in constant need of funding to carry out its mission across the country. To parallel the increased public awareness of glaucoma as a serious but treatable disease, major fundraisers have been held over the years with much success with the help of sponsorships from private corporations, pharmaceutical industry partners and even ophthalmic equipment suppliers. In addition, grateful and affluent patients treated in private clinics of the Philippine Glaucoma Society members have also made regular contributions to help replenish the foundation’s financial resources.

It is our hope that despite the logistical difficulties in providing the necessary surgical care and expertise needed by the less fortunate scattered in so many islands and geographically remote areas, the foundation may be able to assist them – one patient at a time.

With the country’s population reaching well into 100 million and climbing, the incidence of glaucoma can only be expected to increase and consequently, the PGF’s burden in carrying out its mission. And although the foundation’s geographical reach has been steadily growing over the years, in reality our efforts remain inadequate. Every peso counts and no donation is deemed too small.

Be the light and save a sight.

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